Friday, August 25, 2006

Spring break

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, I am taking a blog break. There has been too much trouble with blogger, posting pictures and my computers at home. With my knitting lagging behind recently due to work, i have to start pulling my socks up !! Literally !

I have received Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage socks in my mail after 1 whole month of waiting from Hopefully i can cast on a proper pair of socks for Mr Bf by tonight. I hope he chooses an interesting pattern, simple enough for public knitting, yet with the right challenge to keep me going:)

Until the day i get a brand new computer, or acquire some interesting yarns or clean up the mess in my house, I shall not appear in blogland.. Hopefully it will not be long before i get organised.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A surprise again

Look What I Got In My Mail. An interweave fall 2005 issue. I completely adore it . Thank you so much Miss KnitChick.

She also sent me another surprise yesterday. I got these. There is also a very cool socklet pattern. This totally rocks, which leads me to an idea of doing some swapping with her. So generous of her. Knitters are the best people around.

Look at that pink yarn. It is Opal Sock yarn. My very first Opal yarn. Yummy:)

Now, i have more knitting to do.

I have also finished the embellishment on Ava. More pictures when the sun is up. Thanks to the help of Jennifer again.

Friday, August 18, 2006

2 Finished Objects and 1 malfunctional lappie

My Martha cardigan has been now a hold for the past 2 weeks because of these 2 FOs.
1. Ava Poncho. It is finally done after 2 gruelling weeks of ripping off and casting on. Now, i am waiting for the felting kit to add some embellishment before i wear it out.

pattern: AVa Poncho
source: Rowan Ribbon twist book
time taken: 2 weeks
yarn: 5 balls of Cleckheaton 8ply 50 grams
needle size: 12 mm

modifications: it is knitted slightly shorter than the actual pattern and has a side slit that allows my hands to move more freely.

My fetching wristwarmers are done too. Simple and easy to knit.An instant gratification.

Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: 1 ball of Jo sharp silkroad Dk Tweed in Iceberg
Time taken : 3 nights
Needles size: 3 mm clover
Modifications: I added an extra cable at the top end of the gloves

I love Jo Sharp Tweed yarns so much that i have decided to use it again next time. I haven't been posting lately due to a slight malfunction in my laptop's monitor. I hopes it gets well soon. Right now, it is working fine again after a week of hiccups.

Dear Lappie, I love you so much, I wish you will never put me down again. I never knew i needed you so much. So does my knitting. Now, i only wish that you will always shine brightly and stay awake.


Your dear knit blogger mistress

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just cut the Crap

And buy the book ! Another Rowan Book to my collection, I have decided that i really need this book in order to knit Ava poncho properly. Moreover, there are at least 3 more featured projects i would love to knit. Like these..

I also bought some yarns again !!! Some Patonyle sock yarn to knit socks and jo sharpe tweed for Fetching wristwarmers. I hope to post some pictures soon when the sun is up ! Meanwhile, i got some advice from jennifer and I am going to redo my Ava tonight again for the 3rd time!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ava ! What Ava ?

A piece of crap
Ava is done, all seamed up. But there was a problem. It made me looked like a gorilla.
Exagerrating you would say, but it is true. I am so sad now. All my 'ava' hopes are dashed.
I have to rip it and start all over again. Perhaps my long torso isn't exactly made for wearing ponchos. Perhaps, i cheated. The truth is... I do not own Rowan Ribbon twist book. I used my 'wonderful' photographic memory to scan and memorise the pattern at the LYS and went home with some yarn ( not even ribbon twist, a substitute). I was ecstatic and looked what happened.
Perhaps my memory wasn't that fantastic after all.

I guess i am going to email Jennifer and ask her for her modifications. I will give it 1 more try again.

But there is some good news too. I won an Interweave Mag at a Knitchick contest! I also purchase Knitting Vintage Socks from Booktopia. I hope time flies so i could get my hands on it soon.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weak legs

I have not been blogging much, but i have been KNITTING. With martha's back done, i am casting on for the fronts of the cardigan. There had been alot of modifications with this pattern. I tried to make it longer and narrower to fit my body. But then again, i think i have destroy the pattern by doing all these. I believe after finishing the cardigan, the end product would not look like martha anymore. But who cares if it fits !!

I have also casted on for Ava poncho ! In fact, i am done with the front piece and moving on to the back. ( anyway, the both pieces look alike.) I am trying to give it a cutting edge, a poncho but not humongous and out of shape. Hence, more modifications; i started on sunday and finished yesterday. In fact it should be finished very much sooner such as on monday night ! i kept ripping it off and starting again. And towards the shaping of the end, i ripped it a zillion times due to my constant obssession of making the pointy tip perfect. It is a simple and fast knit, using gigantic 12 mm needles and done in stockinette st. I am keeping my fingers cross, hoping it will be done by friday so i can wear it for a lazy cool weekend !

Ever since i started working 2 weeks ago, my legs hurt like crazy. Right now, i also teach almost everyday as a casual relief teacher. The kids were cute but towards the end of the day, my voice was hoarse and i can't even walk properly. ( probably due to the lack of exercises in the past ) I had to walk gingerly and limped when necessary. Luckily, there was no job assignments today. So i am putting my feet up for more knitting.