Sunday, May 27, 2007

a swinging weekend

Hello, i am back. Despite the lack of time to cook and catching up with everyday errands ever since i started my new job, i miraculously have time to knit. Go figure. I am still knitting the swing cardigan from the previous post and it is growing very well indeed.

I am now knitting the back panel and it is such a breeze, all because of the good yarn. That's right, it's Zara yarns again, buttery smooth with ease on my tired fingers after a day of work on the computers. Knitting is a great way to escape from reality. I always turn a deaf ear on Mr H and he is getting really annoyed:) haha

On tuesday, i went to watch Spiderman 3 with Mr H and i totally loved it. Now i can't wait to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

This weekend will be alot of cleaning and tidying up my small apartment which is sadly neglected for weeks and catching up with friends. Hope you all have a good weekend too :)