Monday, December 31, 2007

my first ever successful crochet adventure

After a trip to Spotlight on saturday prompted me to rethink the possibility of learning how to crochet again ( yes, again) over numerous failed attempts over the years. Jen & i were shopping for craft materials when we saw ready made crochet flowers for sale at $1.39. Well, if i could make them myself, i wouldn't be buying them.. Nonetheless, those crochet flowers went straight into the shoppping basket without much of a thought.

Now, look ! A cute little shopping basket that i have crocheted using some cotton yarn. Even though the yarn was very splitty, it was still quite fun.
I poured through an old stitch n bitch crochet book and some graphic japanese craft books into order to achieve this. I can't seem to hold the yarn taut and hook at the same time without having some hiccups. Maybe i am just a girl who prefers two sticks to one.
Don't you think the colour of the basket reminds you of Smurf ?? To market to market, it seems like Gizmo is having some fun . Mo has agree to model all future miniature crochet items..YayPlease Mo, let us see what is inside your bag?

ooh it is a coconut candy !
Stay till for more crochet adventures

Till then,
I hope you all have a Safe & Happy New year:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

christmas dinner

menu :
  • roast beef served with mixed berries onion sauce
  • prawn salad with melons & mango
  • pesto pasta with bacon bits & sun-dried tomatoes
  • deep fried butterfly prawns served with mayo wasabi dip

All served in a home filled with warmth & laughters of friends :)

merry christmas

Friday, December 21, 2007

no more bunny

This will be a photoless entry today ( bad gloomy daylight will do no justice to photos). The rabbit is gone for almost 1 week after a massive storm hit town. It has been raining constantly for the past 3 days that any hope of finding bunny is completely gone, hopefully it will appear again when the sun is back. ( geez.. i know, summer is here now we are expectng bush fires not rainy storms ~Blame it on global warming folks !)

Juliet is finished! i got so many compliments wearing it to work. I promise there will be pictures soon..

Also on the knitting front, Hike is done too and it fits H nicely. More weaving the ends in, washing & blocking are needed. With this rainy weather, there may be a slight chance that he can still wear it now without waiting till winter :)

till then..
have a merry christmas..