Sunday, April 29, 2007

A week in Turquoise

Firstly i bought a pair of shoes from sportsgirl in that colour. After eyeing it for a week, it was reduced. Then i knew i had to have my hands on it. ( sorry abt the blurry pic and dull weather)

Followed by a brand new project : Swing Cardigan .The pattern and yarn were contributed by lovely Jen. She has no time to construct this beauty so i took the challenge. It is all looking well and i am very pleased with it. A relaxing and satisfying knit.

Note: All the pictures were taken during the same period yet the shades of turquoise are so different.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yoke cardi from witchery ?

Isn't this cardi gorgeous ? And the price tag is outrageous.. If only i can get a similar pattern and knit this in red...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

swish scarf

With all the scarves i have knitted recently, it's only natural that i will knit another one. I am still not ready for bigger projects. This scarf pattern is from here. A simple pattern but challenging enough for me. I hope that someone special will like it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

1 year anniversary

Gosh guys, it has been 1 year since i started blogging about knitting and life in general. This has been my outlet for venting my knitting vengence and of course sharing my knitting accomplishments and pleasures. I enjoy reading knitting and craft blogs as they often fuel me with more inspirations for knitting and buying yarn.

I can't help being a fiber-holic and thank god, that there are many more like me who fell into the deadly grasp of this addiction. People who think and breathe yarn almost every minute of their lives. People like me who has tons of creative knitting vibes flowing in me, waiting to burst out free. Waiting to knit the ultimate scarf, bag, socks or even sweaters. Before i discovered knitting one fine autumn day in a craft shop back in 2004, it never crossed my mind that it will take over my life. I tried squeeze knitting into almost everything i did during the first 2 years of my addiction. I knitted on trains, knitted in front of the TV and even preferred it over going to sleep. I told myself: just one more row, and i will call it a day. But no, it was never enough. I ended up finishing the whole thing at 5 am. I found myself at yarn sales, making yarn pilgrimages and of course lugging bags of yarn goodies back home just because they were on sale and how they would make the perfect sweater.

I studied a stranger's hat or a display sweater in a shop just to see how it was made. I even quit buying knitwear, thinking that i could reverse engineered whatever that fancied me.

I hounded the craft section at Borders, browsing through all the knitting magazines, scanning rapidly at the various potential knit projects for the near future. Eventually, i ended up with 1 too many projects to handle and the yarn started to tangle-up. I got so busy with my hands that i almost became a hermit, shunned from the world. Everything else was secondary. Knitting had to come first. I couldn't shy away from those wonderfully luscious yarns, delighfully hued in every possible shade, begging me to do something creative with it. I admitted defeat. I even got into unnecessary quarrels because of it.

Call me a hobbyist, my knitting compulsion continues. However, things have changed now. After more than 2 years of constant knitting, i am beginning to slow down. I have come to realise that knitting has taught me more than creating stitches and spending money. I have learnt through my enthrallment with yarn that in my former days, i had went from hobby to hobby because i never found anything that i was truly good at or kept me challenge. Knitting did. I gave me peace and and makes my mind focused. I am still amazed at how i can create things with just a ball of string and 2 sticks. Knitting has gave me comfort and creativity and it's where i belong.

Nowadays, i knit a few rows each week. This is a far cry from my previous madness. I have got my life back, I learnt to embrace everything else i have lost before knitting came into my life. I love this knittingg blog and the people i met through it and hope there will be more achievable knitting ahead of me.

Here's a potential new project which i found from here isn't it wonderful? The different ways you can wear it?!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter !

Here's a peak into my kitchen ...It is not Easter without chocolate easter eggs . Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

almost there, almost winter

Look mum! What is it ? A drum ? A head pillow? A nearly finished scarf ? I love the way it turns out. I can't wait to wear it out in the cold.
Yarn Lasagna?
I can't wait for winter to come. I know i sound silly saying that. But after observing this fall's trends, i realise that gray is the new black. And I love gray so much!
Check out this new Chanel bag, donned by Diane Kruger.
Big and roomy ? Check.
Carry by the shoulder? Check
In a dark colour ?Check
It completes this winter's mood !

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yesterday i got this lovely fabric and decided to convert it into a tablecloth. My dining table has been bare ever since i bought it 2 years ago, recently more and more scratches appeared and it's time i get something over it:)
The edges are sewn by hand since my 'toy' sewing machine broke down every 5 minutes.

I woke up early today. It has been a long time since both me and Mr H are at home in the morning and i decided to make pancakes from flour and eggs as there were no pancake mix at home !!
Caramelised Bananas with golden syrup pancakes

Yummy. They turned out to be good. The plates were cleaned within 5 minutes.