Thursday, November 30, 2006

Photos ( thanks to slow uploading by blogger )

In the morning

Lynn's family
My sister and i, both spotting turquoise ( Colour for all of us surprisingly)
My dear Uncle, the only thorn among the 'pasty white' roses!
Shuying and i
All in a day's work!
May Wesley and Lynn have a long and blissful marriage !

Friday, November 24, 2006

Back from Home

Usually, this is a place i would talk about my knitting projects and mishaps. But this entry is different as i am back from an impromptu trip to S'pore for my dear cousin Lynn's wedding. It is amazing how weddings can bring people together - Physically from faraway places and as well as emotionally. Not to say that i am an extremely whimpy or emotional person, but i must admit that i did acted fast and jumped onto the plane home. What a last minute decision with so many strings attached.

I am glad to see my grandma, aunts, uncles and my dear family. This is definitely no ordinary trip as i usually bumped around with friends to shop and eat. As far as this trip is concerned, it's mainly centred around family and more family. I even had some amazing local food with a few of my dear cousins which i hardly see them. Once again, before i turned into a premature nag, I am so ecstatic ! I even had to the opportunity to work in my dad's office and had some wonderful and courteous people working and assisting me!

Went out numerous of times with my mom and caught up with the latest goss and news around S'pore. She's the best when it comes to that. Just glad that i could spend some quality time with my family. As for my friends, it 's comforting to now that they have 'progressed' since i last saw them:) A kind of warm and fuzzy feeling that wells in me as we sat and chatted. Nothing fancy, yet soothing and reassuring that the friendship has not changed even though the world around us has drastically morphed into an uninviting habitat.

Singapore has nonetheless become a different place, i don't even recognised some of the places i have been to and there are so many different 'aladdin caves' bursting with goods that would delight a shopper like myself. Astonishing deals like a $16 pair of floral flats and beautifully pleated skirts pricing at $20 that would shocked half the population in Oz. ( not to mentioned, i have not forgotten about Bangkok) But to find a vast range of fashion, accessories, shoes, games, and food of such unsurpassed quality is utterly unbelievable. Trust me.. i am beginning to miss the place i call HOME.

Then of course, i loaded, packed and squeezed a million and one things into my suitcases, waiting to use and show them around in mellyland( affectionally called by ms. koh) Strangely enough, i missed mellyland while i am in spore and also dreaded about what's install for me at home. Of course, there was a warm welcome and went home to dutifully clean up my nest. Days passed, while the computer at home was fixed and broadband installed kindly by a wonderful person, i have decided to add this entry on .

Back to my sea of problems in melly, i am terribly afraid that i will be stuck forever in jobs i see no prospects, careers that masked my abilities and ambitions and occupations that unfortunatedly pay rent and exchange for my survival. As for the knitting front, I have yet to finish any projects and i have decided to do a "Scarf exchange" with my dear cousin. As the temperatures begin to drop in Pittsburgh, my needles better start clicking :0