Sunday, July 23, 2006

I dreamt of Ava

2 days ago, after viewing my new knitting friend's blog (a knitted story), i had Ava poncho dreams. Call me ridiculous or something ! After seeing Jennifer wearing that poncho she knitted by herself weeks ago, i have been thinking of getting Rowan Ribbon Twist collection book which features Ava. But that poncho isn't exactly the poncho i want. It is Jennifer's own version of Ava poncho i craved for. It is knitted with Filatura di crossa Zara yarn and it looks fabulous !

A knitter's desire to create beautiful handknits is powerful enough to cause disturbing dreams.
I also had nightmares of not being able to finish Martha because of my wandering mind that's constantly filled with wanting and obssessing with other projects.

Martha ( back piece, up to armhole shaping, but mysteriously slowing down.)

I love Martha and would even love to wear it as soon as possible. Imagine knitting with 3.0 mm needles, it is stressing me out and it seems that by the time i finish it, it would be summer. No more Martha fashion parades for me! But i also had a mini fantasy of wearing Ava too, especially for those mild spring mornings. Moreover, with my latest acquisition of Ivore Dpns, i want to knit Fetching badly from Knitty, another pair of Japanese handwarmers ( pattern contributed by Jennifer again) and another pair of gentleman's socks for Mr H.

Lately, i have landed on a casual job and it is sucking away my knitting time even though i have more money to buy yarns. Now, i just have to wake up 1 hour earlier just to sneak in a few rows of knitting and go to work a happy lady !

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Martha is growing

After 2 nights, i have managed to knit some rows. It is 119 stitches per row using a 3.0mm needles. It is small and tiny, but at least this is faster than knitting socks. Do you see Ivore dpns creeping out by the side? I can't wait to use them !
Take a closer look at the stitches... The knitting gods are smiling at me for being such a dedicated knitter. I am knitting 1 project at a time without straying to other projects. Hopefully, i can knit this quickly :)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ready, Steady, MARTHA !

(Martha on the left -sorry about the flare: taken at night)
My first cardigan wouldn't be Apricot Jacket any more, instead it would be Martha from Rowan 37. I simply love the feminine touches of this cardi, hopefully by the time it is knitted, it will be spring. Perfect for those cool spring afternoons. I have substitute Rowan 4 ply cotton with Panda 4 ply cotton. It is exactly the same gauge but different brands. What a bargain and a $10 per ball savings! This is what i called knitting on a shoestring budget.

Just one small problem, i am knitting an XS size from the pattern. When i did my calculations, it seemed alright, but after knitted a few rows, i have a dreadful feeling that i have knitted it too big even though it should be an XS. I just have to knit and see.
Moreover, i m down with a terrible cold, constantly fatigue and drowsy and i don't really feel like knitting a stitch... Finally, i got some Ivore dpns from Wool Baa ( i am sick of Clover dpns) and met a very friendly sales person and she is such an accomplished knitter!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Another FO and a sweet surprise

Wristwarmers to keep my hands toasty on a cold day .

For the remaining of the World Cup knitalong, i made a pair of wristwarmers. So that makes 2 FOs for the WC kal! What an accomplishment!

Pattern: My own ( knit the borders, stockinette stitch for the body)
Receiver: For myself
Yarn: 1 ball of 50 grams Filatura Di Crosa 'Love'
Needles: 4.5 mm & 4.5 dpns
Gauge: None
Time taken: 7 July- 10 July

Look what i receive from my dear friend, a very much desired Rowan no. 37 ! I know it is a quite a dated issue but i simply love it. If there is any Rowan knitting i would like to purchase, it would be this. It boasts at least 5 beautiful patterns that i will definitely knit.

Am i a lucky girl or what? Hence, i am going to knit 'Butterfly' for her.
For example, these are some of the finalists..

Does the bag rings a bell ? It is 'Heirloom' bag ! This book is full of feminine, soft vintage style. Now, if you would excuse me, i need some time to organise my stash :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Long At Last !

Baltic Socks ! Finally done! After a gruelling month, the socks get knitted up. What took me so long ? Well, blog reading, i didn't realise that blog reading ( simply poking my nose into countless of knitting blogs) can take up most of my knitting time. 'oohing' and 'ahhing' at others FOs doesnt transform my fantasy into real life knits. Silly me..

Moreover, there was the world cup to be blame. I can't wait to get my life back into a normal biological clock. I sleep in the day, wake up at night. Many errands are simply not done.. eeeeeeww.. But who cares, this only happens once every 4 years. With soap operas of eliminating Brazil out in quarter-finals, this party is getting started! Yay!

Front view. Just taken when the sun is almost out. Now i hope you understand the severity of my sleeping patterns.
It doesn't looks long anymore.
Yarn: 3 ply wool from Handknitter's guild expo in sea blue-green, 105 grams
Pattern: Baltic Socks from Clementine's Shoes
Time Taken: June 6-July 2
Gauge: No gauge actually. I was living by the edge.

Needles: Clover dpn 2.5 mm
Modifications: I change short -row heel to the normal heel turning ( forgotten it's name)

Now, i can move on to many other projects.

Remember this very first post, there was a modified Rowan bag which i knitted. I just realise that it is called Heirloom bag from Rowan 37. I was creating my own version by looking at the picture published in Simply Knitting.. Hmmmm..