Thursday, September 13, 2007

a wild goose chase...

Today, i put myself on a pointless hunt for the latest fall interweave knits all over town, looking high and low in all possible magazine stores, book shops and even good old Borders ( 2 outlets). It was sold out all over town.. Was i the last person to discover this gem ?

All because i am smitten with this cardigan, Tilted Duster, after i saw this version..
I wasted my morning as well as almost 45 mins worth of lunch time and i am devastated.

The only place that apparently still sells it is an online yarn store, woolshack , which is easily accessible in the comfort of my own home !!!

Well i am still going to get it after all, despite the outrageous shipping costs..

Monday, September 10, 2007

dessert for you ?

Last night, i made this dessert after dinner. I was craving for honeydew & sago but the honeydew found in the local supermarket is too expensive and i got another substitute.. Rockmelon! Close enough, isn't it..

It is pretty easy to make and you can whipped this up in less than 10 mins for those who do not live near any S'porean or M'sian restaurants..


  • some chopped cubes of rockmelon/ honeydew
  • rock sugar, 2 big rocks
  • water
  • pandan leaves, knotted
  • sago
  • evaporated milk


  • to make the sugar syrup, boil 3 cups of water with rock sugar & pandan leaves till all the sugars dissolve, and set aside to cool, preferably in the fridge.
  • to cook the sago, boil in water and constantly stirring till sago swells and turn semi translucent and soft. ( some people prefer complete translucent sago) to prevent the sago from clumping up.
  • Strain sago after cooking and add it to the sugar syrup, add cubed honeydew and evaporated milk and mixed
  • Enjoy it chilled

p.s: add sugar or evaporated milk according to taste..