Thursday, November 15, 2007

resident rabbit

Remember the rabbit in my previous post?
Well, now it seems like it is more of a resident rabbit, lurking around the garden patches everyday.

Now i even spot it before i go to work in the morning. It nests itself under the shady trees, ocassionally leaping out to scare off the local birds. ( or perhaps they are now friends ?)

struggling to get the lettuce leaf off me !

Hulloo? sand in your face ?* scratch*

sniffing inquisitively.. takes a nibble and discards it

apparently, rabbits do not like strawberries

Saturday, November 10, 2007

look who's here

Lately, there has been a rabbit appearing at my door everyday ! It comes roughly on time when i reach home from work, giving me a pleasant surprise after a long hard day. It is often found rummaging through the front garden patch eating flowers and grass. I was so excited by its presence that i set aside some old lettuce leaves just to feed it.

hey, stop taking pictures... feed me

brrrr... snuggle up... i am cold...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yay.. This is the 100th post

Today is a public holiday ~ Melbourne Cup. I finally get to have some rest as the last public holiday we had here was 5 months ago..
Nothing much to show on my 100th post, only the beginnings of Juliet. It is such a quick and easy knit. The yarn is a new product called Serenity from patons. It is made up of a blend of cotton & bamboo fibres, how interesting isn't it? It feels light yet bears some warmth when placed next to the skin. Hopefully, it will be finished before christmas.
Enjoy the day...