Friday, October 06, 2006

Back !!

( bec n i )
I guess i can't stay away from blogging for long.. After this afternoon's meeting with Bec at Gloria jeans, i am determined to make a comeback! She's a blogger too. On the knitting front, i have decided that i am done with that awful Martha cardi. As a super novice at knitting sweaters, i have stepped out of my comfort realm to modifiy the pattern.. The shoulders was far to short.. In short...( pardon the pun) I should have follow the pattern!
Now 'Martha' is 'Gem' by martin storey.
I Love Martin Storey's design.. i always fall in love with them.. I even made an earlier version of his blue ribbon bag.. This man is a genius.. Now, i am recycling Martha's yarn for a halter top.
I am also tempted to knit Storey's 'Hike' Mens cardigan for my Bf!! ( maybe not..)
OOhh.. i couldnt stop gushing about it.
(That's the front)
'Gem' is from Rowan 37. Check it out! Great for a classy summer night. If there's any of you knit bloggers out there thinking of fetching handwarmers again, check out jen's. It is a super cool colour.
As for my life.. everything is still so transitional. I dislike my casual job, i dislike its atrocious working hours, I dislike its 'high n mighty customers.. moreover, its incompetent management!
But i am hanging on.. i don't know how long can i hold.. But life is fair too, at least there is KrispyKreme! I am stuffing myself :)

As an inspiration from jen's book blog, I have included a list of books i am reading.

1. The clockwork testament by Anthony Burgess ( recommended by Mr Bf)

2. The wedding night of an English Rogue by Jilian Hunter

3. Dark Seductions - edited short stories by Alice Alfonsi

There are so many things to do.. by the way, i am a good knitter ( or bad) I have donated a big bag of odd ball yarns to charity !!!!

another reason to buy Rowan !!!!