Saturday, April 29, 2006

sock distraction again

Now that i am well onto knitting the second sock of cosy caramel ( speaking of second sock trauma),
i am once again distracted from finishing it.

After a wholesome wonderful day, i had cast on and knitted the foundation of a bag.
Introducing ' Purple waves'

Sorry about the poor photo quality, i hope to finish it by tomorrow so that i can bring it out and FLASH !

There are so many things in mind. I want to learn crocheting, knit another pair of socks from Nancy Bush's Vintage socks, sew a bag, shop for fabrics.. and of course look for jobs.

If only i have 30 hours a day ..

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

GAsp !

That was my first reaction when i stumbled upon the latest 'Stitch' n Bitch' installment from guru Debbie Stoller at Borders this afternoon.

After weeks of ogling reviews and raves about this crochet book, i was very tempted to purchase off Amazon, but there there, i found it in my hands today. Little did i realised that there will be a crochet handbook as well. As fans of this series, we are all captivated by Stoller's quirky sense and unbridled passion towards knitting; hence this latest book should measure up.

After the tide has settled, waves of creative juices oozes from my pores. I have scanned through the book and counted the number of projects i want to make. The number is 10, yes, i will try to make at least 10.
This is too ambitious of me. I am a knitter, not a crocheter. After countless of attempts to crochet by learning japanese diagrams; i still didn't grasp it.

But now, with the help of an english crochet book, i guess my chances of mastering it are higher.

Crocheted toys, anyone ??

Friday, April 21, 2006

Sew ? i knit !

That phrase is familar. It belongs to a blog dedicated to knitters who try their hands in the sewing department.
Scouring through the web, i encountered these books. I can't wait to get my hands on them. Even though i have already own 6 Japanese sewing and knitting books and yet to churn out a single proper item from there ( there were only 2 adapations as i couldn't read japanese, i was looking at the diagrams to decipher the directions)

I have knitted 3 bags so far, i guess it is time to make a bag. A bag i can truly call my own.

Isn't this cover really beautiful? it is a simple layout of study/work table which looks clean and organised, perfect for achieving a clear mind.

Foodie update:
Today i bought some baking ingredients for making a sultana cake for H. I hope it will be a hit, provided i don't burn the base again. It happened to my cookies..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

pink and 'mohaired'

I got so sick of knitting socks that i have decided to take a break.
So i rummaged through my stash and found some variegated mohair yarns. Merely 1 hour later, i ended up with this.

It is so easy to knit, just the basics with k1,p1 and viola..
Boy , how i love knitting. Hopefully this scarf will be finished in time to match my pink sweater.

As times goes by, i discover many things about crafts and knitting. I am never focused with one project, be it a scarf or a fabric flower pin. I get distracted easily, in fact, seduced easily by the softy innocence of yarns begging me to touch them. Then my heart strayed.
I will almost instantaneously dream about a new project and some quick knits i could quickly whipped up using these 'seductive' yarns. Hence, like many other knitters ( i hope i am not alone), i am left with many unfinished projects which are lying around..
Right now, i am lucky to have only 2 projects lying a around.. On any given 'bad' day, i will have at least 5 or more

An insatiable knitting appetite ? Or plain old way of wasting money ? I don't know. But this is highly cliche i believe.

unfortunately, i have recently been unlucky with my money, and lost $150 over nothing. It is really uneccessary and heartbreaking. Hence, with the help of Mr Wonderful, i have decided.. no more yarns or any knitting related materials are to be purchased for the next 2 or 3 months. ( a blessing in disguised ?)
I hope i can survived, meanwhile.. i will just have to dig my stash..
Yes, De-stashing , here i come

Monday, April 17, 2006

Stitch n bitch Happy Easter

This is the second post of the day..
I have officially conducted the first knitting session in my home.. My friends came, armed with yarns and needles, togther with their puzzled looks tackled various knitting hi-cups.

We poured through diagrams and struggles with our maths..( yes, there were some calculations involved to 'construct' a bag.)

We sat knitting until our bottoms numbed and eyes bulging.. Sorry girls.. poor lighting in my house. But it was a very enlightening experience but yet scary for the male in the house.. 3 pairs of needles clicking away was indeed too much.. Not many males were able to take it.

The night ended with a decent rows of stitches and a smile.

By the way, has anyone heard of the 'yarn harlot' book? it comes in two's, am i right?

Happy easter sunday to all

Sunday, April 16, 2006

1 sock down.. but 3 more to go

sorry about the poor image quality ... The first sock is done, but it does not fit the receiver well, hence i have decided to knit the other one ( right side)
Since this is done is stockinette stitch, it is very much easier and faster to knit. As for the old one, it fits me like a glove, so i have decided to keep that for myself..
I guess socks for the male is rather easier to knit.

I have learn a thing or 2 by knitting socks.
1. You can follow the pattern all the way, but it may not fit the receiver well ( look at mr H)

2. Even with proper measurements of foot size and width, the yarn may not accomodate accordingly. ( think ribbing, k1, p1)

3. When picking up the stitches from the turned heel, pick up the stitch exactly at the edge, not 1 row below it, you will end up with a bump underneath your foot when you walk.

4. Never have too much expectations with your first sock, you may spend hours figuring out the 'puzzle' and knit like you have never knit before, the result will never be the same as what you pictured it to be.

5. You are bound to waste yarn.. or rip it off

6. You will end up knitting 2 pairs of different socks.

7. You will feel like an octopus .. struggling with 5 double point needles

8.Or maybe, it is just me..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I have figured it out

here here.. i have finally done the heel shaping and got on with the circular knitting. I hope i can finish at least this sock by tonight

Does it at least looks like a sock ??

Anyway, i m officially put on a yarn diet.. I just received a 'proposition' that i have to knit all my stash.. before i can wander into another yarn shop..

Does knitting books and magazine consider ? I have to ask H..
well.. it could be to save money.. Welcome to Yarn Stash Buster !!!

Cosy caramel is getting on my nerves

cosy caramel socks are coming along the way... Just 1 problem... after picking up the stitches... what should i do? The pattern is not making any sense. Or should i rephrase the question. Must i pick up stitches from all of the 'turned- heel' area and rejoin with the 'sitting stitches' in circular knitting???

Oh my, i m making myself confused. Maybe i should source another sock pattern and start knitting allllll over again.

God bless..
Any advice ??

Monday, April 10, 2006

just say hi

Hello everybody...
This is a very new knitting blog..I would need some ideas and encouragement; it could be about knitting or non-knitting related..

I hope u knitters or fellow bloggers could leave a friendly note or just drop by to say hi !

knit On..

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Wohooo.. This scrunchie is knitted up with garter stitch, using a normal thin elastic band as the frame, i knitted around it and pull it through.. Now it looks big n fluffy on my hair. This yarn is a cheapo yarn i found in Big W years ago; it is a blend of mohair and wool. It is cheap but it doesn't feel cheap.. like.. acrylic...
here is a potholder i have knitted using the design from a a japanese knitting book.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

japanese fabrics

This is how cosy caramel is up to. I am still ribbing it with K1, P1. It has been a slow progress as i snugged it last night to watch 'Flightplan'. Thank god i didn't watch it in the cinema as it wasn't really that fantastic.
Here are some of the fat quarters i bought at the Cauflield Stitches n Craft show. This japanese fabrics are so cool.. i have decided to make them into coin purses and key chains.. see below.
polka dots n stripes.. isn't it an amazing combination. I hope i get more of these done.. I m really lacking behind and my craft n knit schedule is really up.. as i m planning to set up an esty online account.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Cosy Caramel

cosy caramel is on its way ...i got this sock knitting pattern from a website called 'ABCs of knitting'
today the weather got colder. i could feel the wind gushing through the gaps of my poor insultated windows. i have to blast 2 heater in this apartment to keep warm.

more yarns

Isn't this piece really beautiful? Physically n artistically pleasing to the eye but the yarn is very scratchy. so i have decided to rip it
Anny Blatt yarns have already transformed into a scarf.. wait for more photo posting
Suprisingly, these mohair blends are from spotlight.. the local craft store.. they are to be convert into pouches like this...