Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simple Weekend Baking

What is more calming and delightful than a house filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods ?
I bought 1 kg of cherries at Victoria market a few days ago at an amazingly cheap price of $5 ! After eating for 3 days, there was still a heapful of them. I couldn't go on stuffing myself and there were some puff pastry in the freezer and it dawned on me... 'why not bake those expensive cherry danishes you see in french cafes ?'

A fast and satisfying bake.
No tears and sweat, just pit the cherries, simmer them in a little water, cinnamon powder, a pinch of brown sugar and a small dash of vanilla essence.

Cook till slightly soft and gooey and start on cutting the puff pastry into squares... ( just thaw and cut them into reasonable sizes , depending on your preference)
Make an indentation in the middle of the square by drawing a square with a butter knife, be careful not to cut through . After that, using a fork, do some holes all over the whole puff pastry and scoop the cherry mixture into the centre and egg wash the expose part of the pastry.

Into the oven for about 12 to 15 minutes till it is all golden and lovely..
Serve on its own or with cream / icecream
Help yourself to the goodness of simple baking...
With Chinese New Year coming in a week's time, I am tempted to bake pineapple tarts and coconut cookies.. yum
Enjoy your weekend.


Blogger vivian.mymelody said...

I am baking pineapple tarts! OMG your pastry looks so good!!

12:41 PM  

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