Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas n Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! i know this comes a little late. But who cares! Nothing much has been going on, no knitting, no reading, no housework because i have been working my ass off. Yes, that's right ! for 12 days straight without a single day off. Anyway, christmas season is over, i can finally relax. I didn't even make it to the Boxing day big sales. Spent the whole time sleeping and watching " Smiling Proud Wanderer" also known as "State of Divinity" by Louis Cha aka Jin Yong.

I love this version especially. It's much better than Singapore's version as it stays true to the original storyline. Moreover, Jackie Liu as Linghu Chong is extremely adorable!! Well, i have a few more episodes left before it finishes . Before this, i was watching " Demi Gods, Semi Demons"(1997 version). Felix Wong as Kiu Fung becomes my all time favourite character. A leader of beggar(Gai Bang ) sect who turned into a nobody 'khitan' descendant to becoming the general of Da liao.

The main story centers around Kiu Fung. At a Gai Bang meeting, he finds out that he is of the Khitans, a race Han people fear and despise. He resigns his position as Gai Bang Leader after he realizes that his ethnicity would lead to the Gai Bang splitting up. Instead, he goes to find the person who arranged his parents' deaths. On his journey, he saves the life of a maid named Ah Chu, and the two fall in love. However, he accidentally kills her later when she disguised herself as her father, whom Kiu Fung thought was the "evil leader". Kiu Fung then looked after Ah Chu's sister and became a general for the Khitan Emperor. Soon after, he finds out that the "evil leader" was a respected Shaolin monk and that his biological father was still alive. (I know it sounds confusing, but it will make sense if you watch the show). Kiu Fung later commits suicide to show that he wasn't a traitor to the Hans or the Khitans. This show has so many twisted plots that keeps you guessing all the time.

Ah Chu and Kiu Fung

So much drama but so little time. Louis Cha's drama series are seriously addictive. I have learnt a quite a number of Chinese phrases and some historial facts about China after watching it. It's indeed educational as well. No wonder the Singapore govt wants to implement it as prescribed Chinese literature reading. Yum.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Knitting and Julia Roberts

Look Goodness Gracious ! The front part of 'Gem' is finally done over the past nights. I have also started the back immediately but after some careful interpretation of the pattern, I realised that 'Gem' is a halter neck top with the back exposed ! Crap! I didn't know anything from the model's pose . Anyway, it should be great for summer then, provided that i can finish it in time.

There are so many projects down the pipeline. Lucky for me that i didn't promised any knitting Christmas gifts.
( close-up details)

As for Julia Roberts: Girl who made knitting chic

Roberts hooks yarn
Thesp joins U's 'Club' Roberts sews up 'Knitting'

Julia Roberts will topline family drama "The Friday Night Knitting Club" for Universal, with Roberts and Christine Peters producing.
Roberts will produce through her Red Om production company and Peters through her CFP Prods. shingle. Barbara Zitwer and CFP's Bradford Smith exec produce.
"Friday," based on Kate Jacobs' upcoming novel, centers on a single mom who juggles the demands of running a Manhattan knitting store with raising her spunky teen daughter. Her regular customers gather once a week to work on their latest projects and chat, but when a tragedy occurs, the customers realize they've created more than just a knitting club.

Studio closed the deals with Roberts and Paramount-based Peters ("How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days") last week. No writer or director is attached as yet.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just for Laughs

Quick! someone slap me! how could i look as gorgeous as Sofia Coppola? I am no italian:P

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rebecca's Birthday !

me, rebecca( H), rebecca and kelly
It was quite a wonderful night, despite 'time gaps' caused by a numbskull!

Anyway, i finally overcome inertia today and when for a jog just now. Even though it was a mere 15 - 20 mins, i have finally brought myself to inhale mellyland's air deeply into my lungs. Hopefully, this faithful routine will have more to come.. hehe Perhaps it was the changing weather that brought about a change in heart .

Now, looking forward to watch Iron Chef America... Yummy, thank goodness, there are no more japanese tv actresses with "puffy sleeves" trying to pass off as culinary critics. It gives me the jitters whenever i watch that. " Hmmm, this scallop tastes so good, nice work" BlaH.. Trying to comment with minimum use of vocabulary, and nodding of heads profusely while savaging the delicate dishes.

Happy birthday Shu if you are reading this !