Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crafters are Bakers too

I absolutely adore Saturday mornings.
No fussy alarms, no cursing and figeting with troublsome wet contacts lens and of course, i get to eat my breakfast in peace. Or should i say make my breakfast in peace without being hurt by kitchen dramas.

Have decided to bake some scones today after devouring some really scrumptious ones a few days ago.

Recipe is from here

What a relaxing bake in the morning that filled the house with lovely smells and H got to wake up to my delicious scones!

I love my scones with the ' full' package. I seriously love eating cream and jams, yes i know it is bad for you but i really can't help it...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yay.. a featured item

This sweet crochet earrings I made was featured in a design blog Lily and Tulip under " comfy chic" post.. do check it out.. sweet.
Thanks Lily once again for featuring my work :)

More knitting projects lining up.. I hope i can get started on tilted duster from interweave and 28thirty of zephyr soon!