Tuesday, May 20, 2008

new projects in the pipeline

Guess what ! I took the plunge and downloaded 28thirty!

After seeing so many knit bloggers raved about this cute snug little cardi, i have decided to knit this instead of tilted duster..
Now i will have trouble deciding what colour it will be... perhaps something tweedy like what melita did ..

Also tried out a few new design inspirations over these few days.the 'Garden Party necklaces'...

Handmade fabric buttons adorned with matching beads on the side, a fresh twist to how necklaces should be!
A walk in the woodsSnowflakes at my window
Dreamy calico in bloom
Going to start adding some bracelets to my shop too ! I have completely miss that category out.. Argh!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kerchief scarf.. finally .. some knitting material to share !

Similar to the kerchief scarf in Last Minute Gifts.. I casted on 1 stitch and increased on each end till i feel satisfied, which is slightly less than 1 ball of zara yarn in gray.. Small and light.. perfect for days that are chilly but not cold enough to don the entire long chunky scarf .
I have been creating many fabric buttons and have decided to use on of them to pin my scarf in place ! so chic !
Here are more buttons i have created.. Look at those orangey things.. They are spotted orange mushroom earring posts!
Have a good week ahead while i nurse my perpetual cold !
For those who lives in Melbourne, I am having a stall on the 24th MAY.Crafty bazaar where you can find many other sellers like myself..
Rosie Gallery78 Johnston Street
Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
(note there are 2 78 Johnston St,
one in Fitzroy, and one in Collingwood. We are at Collingwood, so it's the 78 past Wellington St).Time: 10 am - 1 pm

Friday, May 16, 2008

In an ideal world..

My home will look like this..
more drooling @ Wohn Idee
Lovely German decor website

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New dress for my favourite girl!

Parisian Chic dress from Etsy..

yes.. sometimes i do tend to buy more than i sell !

I simply adored this black and white dress with little Effiel towers and lace.. Tres chic on my Blythe doll, Ashlette.

Now i need to enjoy my lazy sunday, catch up with knitting and more blog reading ..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

** update**

My poor blog has been pretty neglected for the past few weeks..

Pretty busy here everyday ! First and foremost, i got my very own poppy bag finally..refer to my previous post, i even got it at a discounted price !thanks tina!

Jennifer and i had a very lovely craft bazaar 2 saturdays ago.. Even though, it was pretty quiet but we still managed to make a few sales ..

Our jewelry display..We shared the same table as we thought we didn't have much stuff to sell!!

Combined glory ...on delicate plates

3 crafty jewelers

The next bazaar will be on the 24/05 saturday

78 johnston street, Collingwood

10am to 1 pm.. see you there !!