Sunday, October 28, 2007

turning organic

As mentioned in my previous post, my quest of eating healthy has driven me to venture into unknown territory.. we are talking about organic produce not just vegetarian or vegan. I am not sure how long this ' whim' will last but hopefully will improved my overall wellbeing for good.

That picture is from Macro Wholefoods store in Richmond. I went today to pick up some basic foodstuff like milk, breakfast oats, jams and some fruits. So far so good, it did not break the bank as the total bill came up to about $18. Maybe i should do this every fortnight adding a variety of organic food in my groceries.

Anyway, that creamy milk organic chocolate was calling out for me the whole time i was there... Nope, i did not buy it ..

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Nothing much to post about recently.. How about some breakfast i had this morning ?! I have been trying to cut down on meat consumption and eat more healthily by having more greens aand fruits in my diet.

Here is what i had :
brown rice oats cereal with dried fruits and gold kiwi fruit, with a side serve of seedless grapes and more gold kiwi. ( i m not sure what happened, i am soo addicted to gold kiwi)
the drink ? hot lady grey tea with a little sugar.

On the knitting front, i am once again redoing Hike ( yes, that cardigan !), unravelling sleeves and reknitting armholes all because i had miscalculated the tension of zara yarns, that's why i always end up with something too big even though i follow the pattern right to the every stitch..
i am fighting a losing battle...

But nonetheless i have something else to look forward to, i bought Juliet from zephyr style and tilted duster from interweave... i can't wait to start on those..
Have a good weekend to all & remember to adjust your clock to one hour ahead on 2 am, sunday morning for daylight savings..

last but not least... check this out

100% crochet cat : pattern

Thursday, October 04, 2007


I made dinner in 30 minutes after a long day of work and commute. Simple grilled chicken with garlic, accompanied tom yum soup with lots of mushrooms and seafood, served with rice cooked in chicken stock and coriander leaves. I was running lack of ideas of what to cook everyday and this was the product of staring at my fridge and cupboards for inspirations.

Now that i have started new working hours means that i will get home on time every night to prepare dinner and save some money from those dreadful takeaways..

On the knitting front, 'Hike' by Martin Storey ( that sweater that i ripped ) is almost done once again. Hopefully it will fit this time round. I shall not waste precious time to modify it again.. my fingers are itching for new projects from zephyr style.
Check this out...

perfect simple knits for summer..