Monday, August 04, 2008

28 thirty.. almost done

It is finally done even though i didn't blogged about the process.
Only buttons need to be attached and blocking and it is all ready for spring ..
Well, it is actually pretty far away from spring.. I think it will go very well with a nice black dress on the inside..
No real modification done on this project. Straightforward and simple. I stayed true to the design, making it cropped, but extended the sleeves.. love my sleeves to be long.. ( i have pretty lanky arms too )Highly recommended for beginner knitters who want to take the next step.. At times, it is a mindless knit; 1 good circular needle will see you through it :)

2 staurdays ago, jennifer and i went to the craft fair and bought yarn ' accidentally'
Habu yarns are soo hard to come by and they were just there.. spotted by jen's roving eye for all things good.. we ended up going home with a few balls each..

' come on, it is habu.. it is a must have !!'
I got some angora blend yarn in the process, was incessantly seduced by its' oh-so-fuzzy' that the idea of knitting another scarf was very tempting..
Simple knit up using fisherman's rib.
Done in 4 nights of knitting in front of the TV

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