Sunday, August 26, 2007

did i knit with my eyes close ?

Remember this from the last post, i guess i have knitted 2 sizes bigger than the recipient's body !

What was i thinking?

Did i really used up 13 balls of yarns for my misjudgment, when the pattern calls for 9 balls? Was i too confident that i could whip up a knitted garment after i did jen's turquoise cardigan ?

Even after gentle coaxing that this mishap garment will still be worn, i couldn't let it grow anymore. Even after having sewn all the seams, i have to let it go.

i have to UNRAVEL....

goodbye, 2 months worth of hardwork....

On the lighter side of things happened this weekend, my mixed berries cupcakes turned out to be yummy. No more black bottoms and nasty surprises !

I can't win both ways, can i ?


Blogger MelB said...

kI know the feeling Shan wen, last year when I knitted up hubby's jumper- sleeves turned out to be a tad short and had to unseam it and reknit both sleeves - annoying but so worth it.

7:01 PM  
Blogger vivian.mymelody said...

hello girly

did u managed to rec the link from your gmail or yahoo? lemme know!!

1:04 AM  

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